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New Vulnerability Affecting Linux

Read More 18th Feb 2016

Details of a new vulnerability have recently been released that affects glibc (or eglibc) software packages for the majority of Linux distributions currently deployed. In short, glibc’s DNS client side resolver is vulnerable to a buffer overflow when specially crafted data is presented to the getaddrinfo() library function. Software using this function may be exploited…Read More

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We passed!

Read More 27th May 2015

This time of the year is always a stressful one for anyone taking exams. What a relief it is when you find out you’ve passed. Well, we’ve sort of been given a pass mark ourselves – The Inspection Manager have given us the thumbs up in a case study they’ve written with us about how…Read More


CentOS 7 Has Arrived

Read More 8th May 2015

Great news, CentOS 7 is now available on our full range of servers! We have Vanilla and Plesk installation profiles set up and as soon a cPanel is available on CentOS 7 we’ll have an installation profile for that too. So what’s new in CentOS 7? The init system has been replaced by Systemd which…Read More

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Supporting a Good Cause

Read More 23rd Mar 2015

Like us here at Melbourne, many of you raise money for causes you are passionate about. However did you know that when you use websites like Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving to fundraise, a percentage of your donations actually go to pay the fees for the service? Well, one of our customers aims to…Read More


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