Wakelet-TeamToday we want to share with you some fantastic news about a brand new social sharing site that’s been created by one of our customers.

Wakelet is a newly launched platform that provides simple and intuitive tools giving you the ability to organise and curate links to articles, videos, images, documents and audio into easily maintainable collections called Wakes. The Wakes can be created on any topic and can be made public or kept private.

We are chuffed to have been working with Wakelet over the past few months to help create a bespoke, private cloud solution to support their new site.

Matt Gardiner, our sales & services director, says, “We’ve worked closely with Wakelet to build the right private cloud solution to support their content-sharing software. The resilient architecture that underpins the platform allows them to scale up resources as needed and allows users to display and share content quickly and collaboratively wherever they are in the world.”

As Jami Khalil, the founder of Wakelet who is a former tech lead at Airbus, explains, “This sort of collaboration is something start-ups just don’t normally get with hosting providers at such an early stage. Essentially we’ve produced a beautiful piece of software and Melbourne has produced a beautiful platform on which it can flourish.”

Wakelet is being supported by high profile backers including Chris Byatte and Joe Wee who originally published Angry Birds through their former company Chillingo.

Chris Byatte says of Wakelet: “Mass adoption of this disruptive platform will be the biggest phenomenon to hit the Internet in the coming year.”

Read our case study here

We’re already using Wakelet, so check out our Wake here https://wakelet.com/@Melbourne and why not start your own?

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